Consistent system for natural wax

A consistent system facilitating the stable supply of
natural wax, from procurement to shipping

As a company which also functions as a manufacturer, we have put in place a consistent system covering all stages, from procurement to shipping.We provide optimal service based on the latest information, from upstream processes such as assessments and procurement to the delivery of products to customers.Because of this, we are able to easily adjust manufacturing quantities and maintain a plentiful stock. This makes it possible for us to supply a stable lineup of products that we can ship promptly, even those natural materials that are prone to supply fluctuations in times of natural disaster.

On-site inspections

Check the quality of raw materials by ourselves


Increase quality throughtrustful
relationships with local advisors

Refinement and

Maximize the advantages of materials using our own technologies

Quality control

Quality management
based oninternational standards


Rapid delivery system

Advanced quality management with the latest
technologies and rich experience

Our factory, which boasts a long and distinguished track record in
manufacturing, is fully equipped with the latest analytical and
manufacturing equipment. Our veteran staff confirms the condition of procured materials and refines these as the occasion arises, thereby
maintaining stable quality.

To meet the needs of a wide range of customers, we continue to conduct fundamental research, even going as far as to verify the crystal structures of our products.

Global business operations