Global business operations

We open up new potentials from Japan to the world,
supporting customers’ attempts to tap the Japanese market.

TOA KASEI has a long-standing track record and trust in the
fields of chemicals, food products and cosmetics.
Our customers include some of Japan’s biggest manufacturers.

We possess reliable know-how which
has cleared Japanese-standard
regulations and risk management.
With a diverse lineup of advanced and
creative products, we would be pleased
to assist you in your attempts to tap the
Japanese market.

A network continuing to spread around the world

We have built up an extensive network over the course of many years, putting in place the kinds of systems that provide us with a constant source of high quality information.

The capability to procure products which cater to niche needs

TOA KASEI supports customers in terms of innovation, supply chain, and traceability for maximum satisfaction.

Continuing to pursue new values the likes of which have never been seen

We provide information carefully selected from the flood of information in today’s world. Our strength resides in the many endeavors we have made to improve our expertise in the fields of chemicals, food products and cosmetics and heighten our
sensitivity to information.

Continuing to provide Japanese
quality to the world

We provide highly specialized products that have been adopted by several of Japan’s leading manufacturers. We continue to unearth new strengths and cater for niche needs throughout the world.

Consistent system for natural wax