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New makeup trend in the age of Covid-19

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After the out break of Covid-19, there were many changes in our daily life. Mask became the basic essential of our lifestyle and it bring the changes of makeup trend. Although the external activity and the necessity of makeup have been decreased but many peoples still want to take care their appearance and try to find the most appropriate makeup styles with mask.

Before the Covid-19, the most popular makeup technique was making the contours of the face stand out by adding shades around the chin or cheekbones, but recently, the makeup which match well with the mask has become fashionable. When wearing a mask, as you can easily imagine, the most visible area is eyes area, so the eye makeup with various color and rich eyelashes are drawing attention. In addition, a long-lasting product that does not require a lot of hands on the face is also attracting attention.

Toa Kasei have own purification technology could optimize the resin content in the natural wax for Mascara application to improve the long-lasting for the eyelashes shape retaining.